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Buffy, True Blood, OTH, Disney mood themes and more...

Buffy, True Blood, OTH mood themes and more...
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This community was created for my mood themes. If you'd like to use one of the themes, please make sure to credit twilight_moods in your user info.

Themes are all sized 100x75 - save them in .PNG format for best quality.

1. It has to be a show/movie that I have seen or am familiar with.
2. If you request a theme, please be a member of this community.
3. As always - please credit me!

Screencaps used in my mood themes are credited to:



Screencap Paradise

OTH Caps

Any other caps that are used and not listed here are listed within the entries themselves.

Instructions on uploading a mood theme.

For a full list of themes I've made, check the memories section.

Lovely Belle layout was made by janine42584